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Art Shell maybe fired at season's end!

WOW!!! I did not see this coming. :wink:
Raiders | Shell might be fired after the season
Thu, 21 Dec 2006 16:29:47 -0800
The <A href="">NFL Network's Adam Schefter reports Oakland Raiders head coach Art Shell is expected to be fired after the 2006 season. The team has released a statement that claims no decision has been made on Shell's future with the team.

I will change thread title.:wink:
There is so much raw, underdeveloped talent on that team, it's ridiculous. The problem has been on the coaches -- IMO firing Callahan was the first big mistake. Since then, that coaching staff has been unable to tame and develop the talent they have -- therefore we see these Asomuga's and Ron Curry's who have ample talent but only shine at times. That's why I was devastated when they drafted Huff -- I love Huff, and now he's destined to a career of middle-of-the-road accomplishments until that team digs itself out of the whole it is in. And I don't see that happening while Al Davis is alive.

What that team needs is a cleanout. Not a "trade half the team for a big named star" cleanout or a "cut half our trouble makers" cleanouts, but a complete whitewash. Get some of these misused stars traded for some draft picks -- any picks. Work on suring up that young, underdeveloped, yet potentially dangerous offensive line. Get a veteran QB, draft a rookie (Al Davis' hatred for rookie QB's has set them back a lot of years -- passing on Matt Leinart, anyone?). Get them some cap room and some youth. Build the defense from scratch.

It's a long shot, and not an enviable position for a coach -- it'd take 3 or 4 years and whoever started doing it would likely be fired just as the team got good again (e.g. what happened in New Orleans these last few years).
Poor guy not even his fault

Not true.

Shell hired an incompetent offensive co-ordinator who couldn't get a unit featuring Randy Moss, Ronald Curry, LaMont Jordan and a former number 2 overall pick at left tackle to be competitive.

When your line is playing so poorly that a QB like Aaron Brooks can't evade the pass rush while your headcoach is a hall of fame tackle something is clearly very wrong.

If it wasn't for a very talented and hard working defense it would be easy to call this Raiders team the worst in NFL history.
According to ESPN radio, the Raiders have flat out denied that Shell will be fired.
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