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Article: Benson Carbon Copy of Williams?


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Aug 13, 2003
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What does the NFL see when it looks at Cedric Benson?

It sees a running back plowing through opponents, dreadlocks dangling out of his Texas helmet, his compact-car-sized body offering equally impressive glimpses of size and speed.

It sees an athlete who played minor-league baseball and a man who was once arrested for marijuana possession.

It sees an enigmatic, well-spoken player who hasn't many good friends other than his Rottweiler and seems to embrace being misunderstood.

The NFL looks upon Cedric Benson and sees Ricky Williams.

``I've talked to a couple of fans of Miami, and they hope Miami picks me up,'' Benson said during the NFL scouting combine in February. ``I think in a sense they see Ricky in me on the field, and I think that's what they like.

``They don't assume I'm going to leave the game or anything like that. They see Ricky in me and they know what he does on the field. They want that same thing back.

``They want it back.''


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May 25, 2003
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``They don't assume I'm going to leave the game or anything like that."

Yeah, why would they assume Benson would... oh wait, he already did- to the Dodgers (after they invested over $100,000 in him). Miami would have to give him, millions (said with pinky at side of mouth).
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