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FinHeaven Lives
Sep 2, 2001
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Atlanta, GA
That he lost the game... Check out some comments he made:

Miami Herald - ''There are not enough [bleeping] words in the [bleeping] universe to make me feel any [bleeping] better,'' Lucas would spit later. ``I need a heart transplant right about now. In seven years in the NFL, not one time did I think it was possible for one person to lose a game for the other 52 players. But it is possible. I just proved it.''

Miami Herald - ''Don't worry about my confidence,'' Lucas said. ``I can play in this [bleeping] league. I embarrassed myself, my teammates and my organization today. I blew it for everybody. I let everybody down. This team is just too damn good to have me play that way. It's tough to even look anybody in the face right now. But I'm not going to run from this.''

Palm Beach Post - "I don't think there's ever been a case where one guy lost the game for his team, except here," Dolphins quarterback Ray Lucas said. "I was terrible."

Palm Beach Post - "The way I played today was probably the worst in NFL history," Lucas said. "I couldn't do anything right."

Palm Beach Post - "I was trying to do everything on my own," Lucas said. "I didn't play my game at all. I don't think I've ever thrown four picks since I was born. I have no excuses. I could have run sometimes when I tried to throw it. I was off balance. I was terrible, just awful."

Oh forget it... there are a ton more Lucas quotes here:

LOL... but here is one final one from Jason Taylor...

"He threw the ball a couple of times and threw some picks, but it's over," defensive end Jason Taylor said. "I don't want to hear anybody jumping him. We'll be fine with him and we'll win ballgames with him. I'm not going to let anyone beat up on his confidence. Nobody in this game is perfect. We've all missed tackles. Jay's thrown picks. Marino's thrown picks. Unitas has thrown picks. The other teams get paid too. That's my quarterback. Leave him alone."


Maria & LauRen Aha!
Sep 4, 2001
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the coaching staff should have realized the enormity of Lucas' inabilities during halftime and never put him in the position to make all those mistakes in the 2nd half. It is nice to say was can have the same game plan w/Ray and Jay until you see that that is not possible. Where was the :angry: halftime adjustment. As much as Ray truly had the worst QB performance since Vinny played for the Bucs, there was no excuse for letting him fail like that the whole 2nd half. Maybe Norv really called running plays all 2nd half and Ray f'ed the calls in the huddle.

Bring back Chan

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