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*Attn* Dolphan984


Getting geeked for 2003!!
Feb 12, 2002
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Riverside, CA
Would you be interested in splitting my hotel room Dec 12-16 or any of those dates for the Oakland game? It's on South Beach. It would be about $30 per night.
984 is kinda busy these days with a new honey. Honestly, I don't know how everything will play out. I know I am booking his airline ticket for Friday, 12/13 to Monday 12/16 unless told otherwise. I am watching fares for now. He will be crashing at my place on Friday & Sunday night, so perhaps he could help you out for Saturday night. But, also remember that ChicagoDolphan is coming down with me too. I will know more later. :)
Hey, I'm still here. I'll usually come on late at night to check up on all the posts. I am staying with 13 then, so I am sorry but I must decline your offer. Be sure to catch me at the game though bro.
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