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Sep 29, 2001
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On an island
On the homepage, 92% of the people that voted in the poll said that we wouldn't go to the playoffs. What the **** is wrong with those people? They are saying that we will lose our last two games, which are against Atlanta and Buffalo, and that the Seahawks will win their last two (I think we already clinched since we do have a tiebreaker over Seattle).
There have been alot of Bills and a couple Raiders fans on here lately...I bet they did some voting of their own ;) Anyone can vote on that page and tha's why there has been some discussions about trying to correct that problem..So, I say it wasn't TOTALLY all Dolphins fans votes ;)
you can vote on that poll as many times as you want, so a Buffalo fan could sit there and vote all night. AJ is having computer problems, so I will mention it to him again when he gets it fixed
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