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Bates gets an A


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Sep 1, 2002
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It's Monday and I'm still buzzing. I give the team straight A's down the board simply because as a team we dominated. Sure there were a few misses, but this is real life (on the feild, I mean) with real players where it's impossible for perfection. We scored and they didn't. We are happy, they are in vertigo. I know that's a bit simplistic, but considering it was THAT fricken team, with that fricken monkey-backpack, the whole game, and the whole team did just what it was suppossed to do. Win. Convincingly. Team=A

Also, the coaching staff deserves some props. Norv did what Norv does so well, kept the Jests D off balance. Way off. Ted Cotrell is too good of a coach for his team to continue to play this way. Miami keeping them in a funk is an A effort.
AND, with as much Bates bashing as I've done in the last few weeks I can't believe I'm saying this, Defensive stratedgy gets an A as well. Varied schemes, pass rush, active LB play(is that really D Rodgers with two intercepts?) run stop, blitzing, closing the gap of a Surtain-less Def backfield without sacrificing safety run support, check, check, check. The whole front seven played very well and with a number of well timed defensive calls, were in position most of the game. BATES GETS AN A! I was already beginning to rethink my not-so-happy-with position with what Bates was calling because maybe, just maybe, he knows what he's doing. While I will always passionately hate the bend-don't-break philosophy- mostly because I was a dolphin fan in the eighties- it's awfully hard to argue results. Indy's meager 13 points, Jet's 3 and terrific play in the red zone for the whole year shows me that maybe Bates' stratedgy IS working. It's just so very hard to root for "patient". I like the change up this week to a more aggressive and dynamic play tho, and I hope we can keep it up. We will need to. KC is not a pushover.

All is good. I can't tell you how happy I am to live in NYC right now.


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Sep 11, 2002
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I agree. yesterday bend but not break didnt even bend - we allowed 200 yards in total offense. Wayne Chrebet was the only player to have any kind of decent game - and if you take away the meaningless 4th quarter drive by Pennington when the game was over, the Jets managed only 9 first downs all game long.

Also, good to see the pass rush is alive and kicking up front.
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