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Berman picks us to lose...again

Of course not... we could have a rematch with Detroit next week and he would pick the Lions, I havent seen that much Bias from somebody since... well... uhhhh... okay, I've never seen that much Bias from anybody else. (LOL)
I'm actually surprised that you even listen to his's not like he's picking who he thinks will win, he's picking who he wants to win.

Either way, I'm pretty sure he's afraid of cheese and thus explains his persona. :D
I think he's more of the humor side of ESPN. Not to bright and all, just funny to look at.
Originally posted by clumpedplatelet
He always picked the Bills vs 49ers for the SB during the 90s and he picked the same for 2003 :lol:
Well with a prediction like that, that just shoots any credibility he had with this one!
I like Berman. I just wish he'd give up the toupee.
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