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Bernie Parmalee is coaching the Phins

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[intro]You may see Bernie Parmalee on the sidelines this offseason.. but not in a jersey. Parmalee served as a volunteer coach during Tuesday’s minicamp practice.

Parmalee will do the same for the next two days as he decides whether to enter the coaching profession.

“I’ve always had it in me,†said Parmalee.[/intro]

Before signing with the Dolphins as a free agent in 1992, he worked as a cashier at a bowling alley and on the loading dock at a UPS office in Muncie, Ind.

Parmalee was the team’s leading rusher in 1994 (868 yards) and 1995 (878), then spent three seasons playing predominantly on special teams before being released.

“I’ve worked for everything,†said Parmalee, 34. “Nothing ever came easy. I’m going to let [the players] know the route I took and have them stay focused and play hard.â€Â

Coach Dave Wannstedt said he could offer Parmalee a voluntary coaching position during training camp, provided he doesn’t mind long hours.

“We all know what type of person Bernie is,†Wannstedt said. “I told him to come out and work a couple of days this week. If it goes good, maybe we could have you help out a little bit during training camp. It will let him get his feet wet and decide if he likes getting up that early and staying up that late.â€Â

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every dolphin fan has gotta love bernie...he did a great job for us when he was given the oppurtunity...jimmy should have given him an oppurtunity but gave the job to his boy kaj... j.j. will point out that kaj rushed for 1000 yards but his ypc was like 3.1...bernie averaged 4.1 in not sure what he averaged in 95...i think bernie would do a good job a coach...hope he does it and becomes part of the dolphin coaching staff...
I really liked Bernie except for that game when he was a Jet in 2000 when he played instead of Martin. I hope he becomes a coach and I think he would make a good one.
Bernie does not seem to me to be an ideal coach, like Tony Nathan would be for example. But what do I know about being an NFL RB, I have OT speed not HB speed ;)
Hell Bernie should still be playing...He was way under utilized for most of his career...His is an absolute fan favorite...I hated seeing him go to the Jets...
Does anyone remember?

That he played for the Jets and bad mouthed the Phins once he got there.Let him coach in NY!
Re: Does anyone remember?

Originally posted by Chisel Monkey
That he played for the Jets and bad mouthed the Phins once he got there.Let him coach in NY!
How 'bout Cox for LB coach and Byars for FB coach :rolleyes:

seriously, I guess this shows where Bernie's true loyalties lay
I don't think this whole volunteer coaching bit is a good idea. I'd be concerned with Parmalee learning all the little tricks, nuances, and weaknesses of the Dolphin offense under Norv Turner's direction and behind Ricky Williams' running, only to then get a paying job from the Jets or Patriots.

The new Dolphin offense is a mystery to the rest of the NFL, and I don't won't any of our rivals picking up valuable insider info. I could picture the Jets offering Bernie a paying job, just to find out all they can about the upcoming Dolphin offense.

I've got nothing against Parmalee personally, I just think if the Dolphins feel he might make a good coach someday, they should go ahead and pay him some kind of salary and keep him under contract for a year.

Otherwise, let him go volunteer for another team with an already established offense, or at least one that won't be contending.

I'd rather the Dolphin offense remain a mystery to the rest of the league for as long as possible. Sounds like we have an offense that can really surprise the rest of the league this season.
I hate to inform you, but Norv Turner's offense is nothing "new" to the NFL. He has run this exact offense at every team he has been with over the years. I think you are being way paranoid on this matter. Just to play along with this paranoia, if indeed Bernie were to "spy" on our offense and use this to another team's advantage, he would be imediately outed and would have very little if any chance of ever landing another job in the league if word got out that he was doing this. Really, I think you are reaching.
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