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Best Bets @ QB

So Be

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Jul 2, 2006
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1Josh Allen (BUF)73.40+0.343% (7/16)
2Justin Herbert (LAC)84.2+1+1.850% (8/16)
3Patrick Mahomes II (KC)82.8-1-1.737% (6/16)
4Lamar Jackson (BAL)101.60-4.523% (3/13)
5Kyler Murray (ARI)132.20-0.338% (5/13)
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6Jalen Hurts (PHI)76.6+2-0.353% (8/15)
7Joe Burrow (CIN)103.4-1+2.368% (11/16)
8Tom Brady (TB)115.0+1+1.056% (9/16)
9Russell Wilson (DEN)97.4+2-2.153% (7/13)
10Dak Prescott (DAL)96.6-3-1.153% (8/15)
11Matthew Stafford (LAR)73.0+1+0.456% (9/16)
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12Trey Lance (SF)95.0+1-0.320% (3/15)
13Aaron Rodgers (GB)144.4-3+0.256% (9/16)
14Derek Carr (LV)62.60-2.841% (7/17)
15Kirk Cousins (MIN)75.80+0.846% (7/15)
16Tua Tagovailoa (MIA)

Bye and SOS are the first two columns.
Allen is best but too pricey, Mahomes and Jackson lost their best WR's. My top pick is Herbert in the 4th round. Then, Murray in 5 or 6, Hurts in 6 or 7 with Lancee late.
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