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Best CB's in the league


Brent Barry
Feb 10, 2002
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Northern VA
Before I make this post I would like to say that I defintly am a Dolphins fin. But I am willing to say with no doubt in my Mind that the team with the best Corners in the leauge is not the dolphins but instead the Dolphins. I'd like to see a debate about this. It 's certainly not stretch to go with ours, but unbiasedly I'm going to have to I'd choose Champ Smoot and Green over our guys.
Come on! Bailey is not as good as Madison, Madison is still young and is a total shut down corner. He rarely lets anyone do anything against him. Smoot is still young, and there is no way that he is as good as Surtain. Green is like 80 years old, and Fletcher won the award as the best college cover guy. He will show off how good his is this year. The only corners that I think are comparable to the Dolphins are the ones on the Eagles, not the Redskins, and the Dolphins' ones are better than them too. The Dolphins have the best corners in the NFL and the best overall secondary (some teams have better safety combos)
it is too early to tell how good our 2ndary will be with Fletch instead of Cousins and Freeman instead of Walker, but we were #1 last year without a solid pash rush (partly because it was easier to run on us). I'd take our 3 CBs over anyones, but there are certainly several teams like Oak (Woodson, PHILLIP BUCHANON and Eric Allen) that can matchup.
Let's see
If you really thing that the skins have the best you are crazy
Green is old and get's beat on the regular
Champ is ok but he can't keep up with Ismail from the Cowboys
and Smoot is not they good
The Dolphins rule
I think our CBs are better than anyone else's. But the best secondary in the league might be in Philly. They've got Dawkins and Blaine Bishop at safeties. And they've got Vincent, Bobby Taylor (overrated IMO), and now Lito Shephard.

I think our secondary could play a Jimmy Johnson (the Eagles DC) scheme. Marion is a ballhawk and can hit. And Freeman can cover a lot of ground. Man, I hope Bates lets us play aggressive D this year.
Bailey had a down year but is right at a Madison level, and has more natural ability then any of our corners, but you just can't beat Sam's instincts. None of our corners have good catch up speed, and aren't really burners at all. That said they are physical ballhawks and are rarely out of position.

The deepest team at CB is definately Oakland.

Miami - Madison, Surtain, Fletcher, Lowe(?)
Philly - Vincent, Taylor, Sheppard, Sheldon Brown
Oakland - Woodson, Allen, Buchanon, James, T Shaw(5 good ones!)
Washington - Bailey, Smoot, Green(still good), Bauman
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