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Best Divisional Rivalry In The Nfl??



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Originally posted by iceblizzard69
Dolphins vs. Jets. The Jets, not the Bills, are our top rival.
I thought that was understood, the Bill rivalry was a spike in the early 90's, but the Jets have been since Shula lost w/ the Colts in the SB.
I almost voted Boys - Skins because Jerry Jones doesn't care if the boys go 2-14...But the 2 wins had better be against Washington....:lol:
To me it is Miami, Buffalo but to the rest of the league, and to some phin fans this isn't the biggest rivalry.
The Vikings and Packers have a better rivalry with ech other now-a-days then the Packer and the Bears.
I voted Miami - Buffalo....

Don't get me wrong....I HATE THE JETS!!!

The Bills have been our big time rival much longer than the Jets have though. The Jets rarely ever make the playoffs, and even though the Bills have been in a slump over the last few years, they are a more consitant football team IMO.....

The Bills will be back in the mix soon, and once again, could cause some headaches.

Right now, it's more important that we beat the Jets beacuse of the 4 year streak, but as far as long time rivalires go, the Bills win that battle against the Jets in my book.....

In doing an objective view of this situation, it is a close battle betwwen 2 of the rivalries, us against Buffalo, and Washington against Dallas. The others in the list, Piitsburgh/Cleveland a weak 6th(Rams/49ers a lot fiercer rivalry) a rivalry only good during the orage pants days for Cleveland(1975-1983). Packers/Bears 5th A lot of respect between the 80 year rivals, possibly too much. Also, often only one of those teams has been a good team.Us against the Hapless Ones 4th. A rivalry that has become stronger since 1997. The fans of the Hapless one generally do not consider us to be a main rival though, they look at their stadium mates, the Giants as their primary rival. Raiders/Chiefs 3rd. A nasty history between the 2 teams(particulary the 1970 game in Kansas City). However the Raiders have so many other teams that consider them the primary rival that it is not the most intense rivalry.
Now comparing the remaining 2 rivalries. The Washington Dallas rivalry is a extremely intense one. Each team comes from an extremely egotistical city. The team nicknames represent the primary American historical fight of the cowboy against the indian. The color schemes are radically different of the silver against the burgundy and gold. Dallas prior reoputation of the holier-than-thou efficient computerized machine against Washington's gritty old men. Later on with Jerry Jones's obnoxiouness spilling down to his team and Washington becoming the poster team of NFL stability. And many of the games have been classic.
Then on us and Buffalo. The ultimate culture clash. Inefficient industrial town against chic tourist town. Nasty snow against hot sun. Astro turf against lovely grass. Dull ill-fiting uniforms against bright well tailored ones. Fans that really dislike each other. And each teams really enjoys rubbing it in to each other.
It is a tough one to call. However putting aside my emotional pick, I go with the Washington Dallas rivalry as the most intense by a slim margin.
have to say the phins and the jets...but if it were what two teams would u slike to see play(dolphins excluded) it would have to be the raiders and the broncos...those teams hate each other pretty bad and with romo moving to the raiders it just adds to the hostility...watching those two battle it out for the afc west should be interesting...
Voted for Dolphins - Jets... but if Eagles - Cowboys was in there, I'd probably go with that one... talk about fans that hate each other... I live near Philly... and you can walk into Veterans Stadium with ANY other jersey on (Giants, Redskins, Cards) but if you've got a Dallas shirt on... don't stray too far from a security guard...
I grew up in the midwest. Most people are pretty good about other teams. That is unless you're wearing a Packers or Bears shirt. The teams plain hate each other, and the fan's are worse. The fans won't throw batteries at each other though because they won't do enough damage. :D

Thus after seeing this hatred first hand and being neutral party to it, I voted for Bears-Packers
i have raiders chief. Being from Los angeles everyone hates the chief with a passion and vice versa (you should check out some of the chiefs raiderhater web sites). Those games are fun to watch also.
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