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Best Of Luck...


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Jan 8, 2002
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I'm just stopping by to wish you guys the best of luck this weekend against the Ratbirds, hopefully you knock'em out and get to come up here to Pittsburgh, on a second note here's a Pittsburgh message board that I mod, I thought you may like to see our views on your up coming game this week. Steeler Nation Message Board
thanks Dgenx321

would love for the Fin to visit Pitt this year - since first off that means we won a 2nd round playoff game. :cool:

Since Pitt's taken has taken over the reins from the Ravens as "the best D in the NFL", we should be able to handle to has been Raven D - though I especially like our D vs. the Ravens O. :D
Thanks Dgenx321 :cool: You guys are lookin pretty sharp this year with Kordell at the healm ;)
Hey Dgenx321...One quick question..I went and checked out your board and noticed a post by you on there named - I crashed the dolphins board! I clicked it to see what it was about and it never came up...then when I went back again it was deleted..What's up with that? What did you mean by you crashed our board?
I think I did...

I was registering and I screwed up and I had already hit enter, so I hit esc about 10 times to get it to stop. I tried to reload and the site was down. I deleted the thread over at Steeler Nation because I figured you guys would make your way over and think I messed your board up. And I'm here now so it must have been just me..
Dream on!!! The Dolphins are going down this weekend. Ray Lewis eats Dumbo ears Fiedler for lunch!
The Dolphins are going to win, but you can take Fiedler home with you as a reminder of your loss! :D
Talking about eating up Feidler with "THE MURDERER"!! What about ZACH and JT eating up your PATHETIC quarterback "GARBAGE" Grbac!! Come on!! Another thing, If I was Matt Cavanaugh and that "TURD" Billick reemed me out like that on national television, Brian Billick would have caught a nice FOREARM SHIVER to his bald head!!! I HATE THE RAVENS!!!!!! BILLICK LOVES HIMSELF!!! EGOS EGOS EGOS!!! Their season is over!!! GO PHINS!!!!!

If they had trouble with the VIKINGS "SWISS CHEESE" defense, what do you thinks gonna happen Sunday?? GO GRAB GRANDMA!!!!
Billick is a genius. He's a superbowl winning coach, did great things in Minnesota and is a leader.

Yes, he made a mistake with Grbak but don't count him out. All good coaches have to have big ego's. They have to show that their more important the players.
WOW :eek: Sounds like another Bills bandwagon jumper! Go on buddy, hop on that Ravens bandwagon! :lol: After all your season was over back in Week 3! :lol:

You are ridiculous! :rolleyes:
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