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Best scenario for fins Bills/Pats game ?


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Mar 8, 2002
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I will be rooting for NE if the Bills win the race will get a lot closer. Although I would like Bledsoe to have a big game against the Pats. Buffalo could be the team that Miami should have in its sights, they look like a team that is coming on. What do you guys think?
I'm going for the Pats. We need a comfy lead in the East. I'm tired of having the East race decided in week 17 every season, where the division champs from the other divisions are decided in week 15, 14, sometimes 13 (remember Oakland last season?). Besides, you're right, Buffalo is coming on, and we need them to get as many losses as possible......
No question... we want Buffalo to...

LOSE. And they will. And then they'll have a bye week to think about how they're going to drop the game against G.B.

And then... more 'L's to come for the Bills!

Schedule gets just a little bit more intense from here on out.

Nevermind playoffs!
I do, actually, give your team more credit than...

Originally posted by RobertHoover
Coming off 3-13 playoffs haven't entered the picture yet 81.

... that. Buffalo has a VERY BIG game this week that, IF they win, puts them in an extremely favorable position to make a run for it.

For one thing, a win against NE almost certainly puts them (Patriots) behind the 8 ball. Division foe, so enough said. Then tied for division lead (by record only - technically, in first place).

So... a win this Sunday bodes EXTREMELY well for Buffalo.

But a loss, and then it's a bye week to prepare for Green Bay... IN Green Bay. And then it gets harder, still.

Anyway, I'm getting off track. I guess my point is that it's NOT too early too start thinking/playing for playoffs. I seriously doubt that any of the Patriot's fans aren't thinking "playoff caliber game" for this Sunday. And anyone at that game will know.
My bad!

Tough game, too, though.

It's been said before, but I'll say it again. It is going to be very interesting to see how the Bills fare from here on out.

And on that same note, it's going to be interesting to see what happend with the 'PHINS. I just hope Lucas has shaken off all the rust and is now ready to play. (You'd think that with his play against the Bills he'd have shaken enough rust off for him AND every other second string player on the team.)
Trouble with Ray is sometimes you shake off the rust and there is just a hole in the floorboards. The rust is the only thing holding the car together.
The Bills do not play GB til 12/22.

I do not think the weather will be a big issue since both teams play outside in extreme cold weather.

BUT Favre has a phenomenal win record in temps in the 30's. The colder the better. Bledsoe (or Bledsack as many of us refer to him) does not have that type of consistent luck in extreme cold weather.
Nice one!

Originally posted by RobertHoover
Trouble with Ray is sometimes you shake off the rust and there is just a hole in the floorboards. The rust is the only thing holding the car together.

Nice one there, Hoover! :lol: :p :lol:

Seriously, though, I'm all too afraid that you're on to something. I just find it too hard to believe that he could look AS BAD as he did in the Buffalo game... rust or no rust. He was BAAAAAAAAAD.

Then again, 1st string receivers were out, too. And... it's not like Miami didn't have SOME success moving the ball. Really, what killed us were the untimely turnovers. So maybe there's hope.

Still, until he gives me cause not to, I'm going to keep thinking that we'd be better of with Rosenfel (sp?).
Some good posts here from you Phin fans! We are definitly coming on and you guys are still the team to beat so you should be rooting for the Patriots here. If we win we are in a great spot, if we lose it is going to be tough to make the playoffs.
I am going to have to take a shower after this but...LETS GO PATS!

Ugh I feel sick!

:monkey: rest of AFC East

Go Dolphins!
Yes, we want the Pats to win because they will both be too far behind to catch us if we play well at that point.

We play them both again so we can more distance that way as well.
Actually guys, the Bills downhill rollercaoster is right around the corner....

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