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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
Wash St vrs Ohio St leads the way for the game of the week in College ball. The nation will find out if the Buckeyes are for real or just good enough to blow out bad teams. It will also be interesting to see how Gesser responds to a very physical Ohio St d.
That is a little biased. Miami is obviously the class of college football, but they still have 2 very tough games against Fla ST and Tenn. Ohio St plays a very tough Big 10 schedule, and has the game against Wash St. If they come through unscaved it will be tough to keep them out of the Feista Bowl. Texas doesn't play Miami and they should get all the respect Miami get if they come out 12-0 same goes for Georgia.
Miami is good. I think that there are some teams that can play with them. Namely Tennessee, Ohio St., Texas and Oklahoma.
Virginia Tech hasn't looked too bad either but you guys have their number.
I think with Jason White going down the Sooners are done. Hybl is a bum, and the d didn't look as good as many thought they would be. Alabama is not a good team ans they played them tough. VT is only as good as their 2 great RBs. The problem is Miami's dline and LBs will hand the VT o-line their asses, and VTs d can't keep out with all the size and speed Miami brings to the table. That Jones kid sure is good though! If he was smart he would leave know and not take the beeting that Suggs took.
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