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Biggest Week so far


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Jul 12, 2002
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Three games can answer a lot of questions this week in College football.

Oklahoma v. Texas - I think this will be a slugfest, both teams were looking ahead to this week and almost lost to Missou and OK State. I think that Oklahoma is still in Chris Simms head and will pull out a victory. Oklahoma wins 21 - 10.

Miami v. Florida State - If this was in Tallahassee it would be slightly closer with Miami still winning. However this one is in Miami where the 'Canes are pretty good. I see Miami winning.
Miami wins 31 - 17.

Tennessee v. Georgia - It doesn't matter where they play this it will be a tossup. I think that Tennessee wins 24 - 21

Other games:

Oregon v. UCLA - Oregon wins 27 - 14

Ohio St v. San Jose St - Ohio St. wins 45 - 7

Va Tech v. Boston College - Va. Tech wins 28 - 17

Notre Dame v. Pittsburgh - Notre Dame wins 24 - 13

These games have the Top 8 teams. Any Thoughts.
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