Bill fans opinion on Miamis 2nd draft pick.


Mar 9, 2005
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I would say one of the will be a few yrs before either is ready and they will take up a good chunk of cap space. Neither will help them in 2005. If they choose a RB or WR, then that player stands a better chance of contributing in 2005.

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Who do you guys think would be the best pick for the Dolphins for Bills fans.

There are a couple possible scenarios, but the main goal would be for the Dolphins to draft a bust or a player that won't be able to help them much.

It seems like if they are leaving the door open for Williams, then maybe they aren't leaning towards RB but who knows.

Seems like the two options are RB - Ronnie Brown, Cadillac or Benson


QB - Alex Smith or Rodgers

For Buffalo, if they do draft Ronnie Brown, that probably opens the door more for the Henry trade to AZ, but also he will probably be less likely of a bust than Smith or Rodgers.
Best for Bills fans?? I think they should pick to go to Los Angeles instead of New York and miss the first round of the draft.
Out of Smith, Rodgers, Benson, Cadillac and Brown. The player most likely to be a bust IMO is Cadillac. So he is my first choice. Other than that though I would not want to see Miami pick up one of the other 2 backs. That would make their offense too potent. I think AJ Feely is going to be successful. He just needs more time. Watching him play B'lo last year he was pretty impressive, showed good accuracy and decent arm stregth. Now if they get Ronnie or Benson that would put them over the top offensively, and they would be tough to stop. Whereas if they get a QB I dont see that changing their offense too much since it wont be that much of an upgrade over Feely. JMO
On one hand I'd like to see them pick a QB out of a weak class, and watch him stuggle in B-Lo. But on the other hand I'd like them to pick a RB so Arizona will be hard pressed to give a lot for Henry.

Overall, I hope the pick Alex Smith, or M. Clarett with the #2 pick.


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Aug 13, 2003
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Lets talk about the Bills draft then.

I really hope the Bills waste their 1st round pick and a few other picks for one Quarterback.....oh wait....:wink:


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Aug 12, 2004
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The question was who would as a BILLS fan would want the Phins to pick. That's why someone said Clarett.
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