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Bills game injury reports, inc. Gadsden/Chambers (merged)

Well if it makes you feel any better it doesn't look like Mike Williams will be playing either for the Bills.
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Well if it makes you feel any better it doesn't look like Mike Williams will be playing either for the Bills.
it should not make Bledsoe feel any betterm but no losing Jay and CC is tough even going into a bye for 10/27
Chambers most likely to sit...

Dolphins | More On Chambers - posted at KFFL (
8:19 PT: The Miami Herald reports a source told them Miami Dolphins WR Chris Chambers (concussion) is likely to sit out this week's game.
Im listening to Maddog right now and a caller was saying how Jimmy Cefalo was defending the hit on Chambers on Sports Jam.. Anyone else see this? Im in Orlando so I cant catch the local shows when Im at school..
People can defend the hit all they want. If it was a first time offense, then possibly, BUT 3 times in 6 games, you have a serious problem. He is suspended for 1 game and he derserves it. If it happens again he should be suspended for 4 games. He's a punk. Actually he should be suspended for however long the member that was hurt is out for. So if Chambers is out for 4 games, then that guy is out for 4 games. Kinda like eye for an eye. It will never work that way, but I bet people think a little more before they do stupid things.
gadsden, chambers "very doubtful"

gadsden flew to texas for a second opinion on his wrist and chambers looks very doubtful according to herald.

I am REALLY looking forward to watching Norv's play calling sunday. Maybe some double tight ends. More throws to Konrad. Mcmicheal should have a big game. Lots of Ricky and more screens to him. Maybe a few long balls to Mcnight who i hope gets over the dropsies.

should be fun and then the bye week will be much needed.
Dixon may be back and i expect some smash mouth running for 4 quarters and maybe a few INT's of bledsoe. the secondary will come to play......Everyone MUST play well to make up for the lose of those wideouts and the let down afte two big games.
Who will Lucas throw too ?

It's going to be tough this weekend , without Gadsen nor Chambers not being able to play due to that cheap shot.

It's going to be interesting, if you have a shootout with the Bills
its going to be tough to pull it out.

Just my observation..
GADSDEN and CHAMBERS doubtful?

Our offense is going to look straight off the practice squad, lol...

McKnight, Baker, Ward as starting WRs, with Lucas at the helm.

I'm not even sure what happened to Gadsden; cites him as having a sprained right wrist. Hopefully Chambers and Gadsden can return in 3 weeks, after our bye week.

We all know what's going to happen Sunday... Lucas to Ricky, Ricky up the middle, screen pass to Ricky, Ricky on the sweep, Lucas play action to Ricky and then throws to Ricky...

Now Buffalo is DEFINITELY going to key on our running game... we need to do what we did in the Patriots game and just stick with the run to get time off the clock. I also wouldn't be surprised if we run a couple of deep passes with McKnight, because Buffalo is not expecting that at all. I wouldn't be surprised if they put 10 in the box...

Here's our second straight test... before it was "can you beat two elite teams back-to-back" and now it's "can you beat a division rival with one arm tied behind your back"...

I have confidence in Ricky... Buffalo isn't going to stop him.
Well, you should know better...

than anyone who on Miami's team Lucas has the most chemistry with....Dedric Ward FOOL!! If you have a fantasy league, I suggest you pick Ward up because for some reason, his attributes are bumped up a few notches when Ray Lucas is QBing.

Expect Ward to score.
Gadsden Doubtful

With the possibilty of our two starting WR's out and the starting QB out this could spell a long day for the Miami offense. Gadsden is listed as doubtful because of a bruised wrist and is going to Texas today to get another opinion. This looks like trouble for Miami. Gadsden could be gone for a while with a wrist injury. Look for 8 men in the box all day against Buffalo. It is a must that Miami wins the time of possession if they are to win this game. Although, McKnight and Ward are capable but as a #3 or 4 WR only. Norv, I hope you something up your sleeve.
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