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Sep 4, 2001
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The 2002 version of Marcus Spriggs ?

Can Brockermeyer be the 2002 version of Marcus Spriggs, i.e. take the pressure off of us to draft an OL in the 3rd round ?

Bears | More On Release - posted at KFFL (
12:39 PT: Chicago confirms the team has officially released OT Blake Brockermeyer after attempts to reduce his salary were unsuccessful. He was due a $500,000 roster bonus April 8.

Bears | Brockermeyer Released - posted at KFFL (
12:10 PT: ESPN reports the Chicago Bears have released OT Blake Brockermeyer.
He is the LT tackle for the Bears who also got released today. Does anyone know anything about him? All I know is he has a good rating on Madden Football, and he is a LT from the bears. I would assume being that LT is our biggest need, and he is an ex-Bear that there is a good chance Dave and Rick will entetain the though of bringing him in. Would that be a good thing?
I wouldn't mind.........

seeing Wanny and Spielman look into pursuing Brockermeyer. He's a pretty solid offensive tackle who could battle/probably win the starting LT position.;)
He's young and he's now an ex bear. Of course Dave/Rick are going to look at him lol.

Question is he better then Smith/Spriggs. If so then hell ya...sign the guy.
here's the guy that would have really helped our OL and was relatively cheap at three-year $3.225 million Chris Naeole:

Jaguars | More On Naeole - posted at KFFL (
2:47 PT: Updating an earlier story, the Times-Union reports G Chris Naeole's seven-year, $16.2 million contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars included an $800,000 signing bonus. The Jaguars are treating the contract as a three-year $3.225 million deal because it voids after three seasons, although there's a play time escalator clause of up to $500,000 in the third year. Naeole will get the $525,000 minimum base salary in 2002. He's expected to start at right guard with Zach Wiegert moving to right tackle. Maurice Williams will move to left tackle, Brad Meester will remain at left guard and John Wade will step in at center.
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
I heard from some Saints fans that Naeole isn't very good.
as in isn't better than Todd Perry ;)
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
I doubt that, but they all said he sucked.
sounds like he'd fit right in with our crew then, which is exactly what we do not need. We need a guy that has proven:
  1. he can stay healthy or has been healthy
  2. and can flat out level people for RW
I think we need to get a mean dude ,about 325 , and let him roll!
Naoele isn't a very good player, huge bust for a #10 overall draft pick. NO line was one of the most overrated lines over the past few years. Brooks was getting killed and they opened zero holes for RW. I'd rather have Perry for his cap number than Naoele at his current cap number any day.

Brockermeyer is a decent player, but never played with RW at Texas. He is 29 and has an injury history. Solid player, but not somebody you pay big bucks too(thus his release).

Brockermeyer would be our starter if he came in for a lot less $$ than he will probobly be looking for. The only thing is, he proboly couldn't stay healthy for 16+ games.
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