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Bledsoe Ripping it up!!


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Sep 3, 2001
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Bledsoe is Ripping it up Against the Bengals 2 TDs and 145 Yards with 7:30 to go in the 2Q. I hate the Bills!!:monkey: BILLS!!!
This is preseason nothing to get too excited about..
Players are mostly going thru the motions adapting..Right now it seems as if Bledsoe has adapted well to his new team..I wish him well but don't buy too much into this performance..if he starts doing it in september then i'd be concerned..
I agree, but everyone here was jumping all over Steve Spurriers C*ck a few days ago.
i just hope bledsoe tears it up against the jets on opening day...i still hate the jets more than the bills...
you mean WHEN he starts doing it in Sept...and then Oct....don't forget Nov.....and then especially Dec and the playoffs ;)

Actually after I saw the highlights, I wonder about Drew's performance. Yes he had some great stats, but the TD to Moulds was 100% Moulds. The INT Drew threw was a "WTF" are you doing play. I guess watching gamecenter from, looking stats and actually seeing the game are 2 totally different things. All the other games pretty much sucked except for Rudi Johnson's performance with the Bengals.
Yeah I can't like the fact that he went 9 for 11 on his passes, but I love the fact that he was picked and sacked twice. Jennings will make it very hard for Drew to stay healthy.
How many of Montana's yds were all Rice?......all that matters is that the completion is made and then it's up to the WR to make things happen. That's why Moulds got 6yrs-$40 million.

And if Fielder gets sacked twice on Monday, I think the same could be said for yer's PS game one.....:rolleyes:
Originally posted by Sherif
The Best QB in the AFC East:


Actually last three years Fiedler has better stats...Bledose performance in a preseason game is not enough to convince me that he will have good year.......

9-11 2 Td 1 int

Is just preseason but is funny how he wasn't able to stay away from throwing an INT.....
I just bet someone 20 bucks that Bledsoe would have more TD passes then Brady this season. New England fans are real gullible I bet Brady goes in the first round of my Fantasy draft. The old "Troy Aikman" symdrome will kick in here in New England where people will confuse team Football success with fantasy production.
Speaking of QB's stats, last night while watching the Jags / Cons game (falcons) the announcers mentioned that Mark Brunell has the 6th highest passer rating of all time.

Can that be right?
Honestly though, the INT has no real stock...It was a 3rd & Long Play, and was effectively a good punt which pinned the Bengals deep. Jennings has some things to work on, having moved to LT, but don't forget, that was not our starting OL out there. We were missing All-Pro Ruben Brown and solid vet Jerry Ostroski.
I couldn't watch the game, or even hear all of it, but I understand that Cincinnati threw just about everything but the kitchen sink into their blitz package. That would make the absence of Ruben Brown more significant since he would be able to help the younger guys read those blitzes. Jennings is still making that adjustment to LT and Teague is doing the same at center. They'll be alright.
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