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Bob Craft is a communist!


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Feb 25, 2005
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Oviedo, Fl
-How weird is this story about New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft losing his Super Bowl ring to Russian president Vladimir Putin? Obviously the ring didn't become a "gift" until it became an international story and began toeing the line of international incident. But didn't that look like one of the most awkward television moments ever? There's Kraft handing Putin the ring, then seemingly looking confused when Putin puts it on, takes it off and then palms it. When you think about it, how do you tell a Russian president that you want your iced-out Super Bowl ring back, particularly in front of a bunch of reporters?

Why else would Bob Craft meet with Putin on a "business trip"? He claims to have given Putin the ring as a gift. Just another reason to hate the "pinko" Pats...:evil:
Kraft can afford another ring. It was pretty funny watching Kraft when Putin pocketed the ring. He wanted Putin to have the ring as much as he wanted me to have it!!
He was there with other business men, who were obviously doing some pretty big dealings. So, what's a $20K+ ring when your setting up million dollar deals.

Remember, we got to pay Brady & Seymour somehow!
gonick1 said:
better than bieng a republican -Vote green
Being a communist is better than being a republican??
Yeah well you're from where california??? I can just ignore most of your ideas
Russia isn't even communist anymore... but instead of discussing prolitics, that's hilarious that Putin has Kraft's ring. :lol:
I'm sure Kraft can call whichever company made the ring and have another one made for $15,000 or so.....not alot of money for Kraft.
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