Boom Or Bust? Tight Ends

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports' started by DKphin, Sep 5, 2018.

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    Mike Gesicki, Miami Dolphins
    Current ADP: 14.03

    The overwhelming theory is rookie tight ends never work out. Well, while this may be the case, there have not been many rookies with the same opportunity to which Mike Gesicki walks into in Miami. After a miserable season with Julius Thomas, the Dolphins have decided to start over at the tight end position. This means the Rookie out of Penn State, whom many think was the most athletic tight end in the draft will have ample chances to prove himself. After a slow start to training camp, he has really picked up and has made incredible strides in the preseason. As we have seen in the past with his production to Jarvis Landry, Ryan Tannehill will dump the ball off whenever possible, whether this be to Frank Gore out of the backfield or the tight end, it will happen. Gesicki is in line for a big workload in his rookie season and this should help him turn his 14th-round ADP into a TE1 finish in fantasy leagues.

    Verdict: Boom
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    I sure hope so. Most TEs were gone by the end of the 4th in a draft last night, so I punted that position and took Gesicki and Gates with my last two picks.
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