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Getting geeked for 2003!!
Feb 12, 2002
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Riverside, CA
God I hate bye weeks! I've read every piece of info on this board I think. Anyone have anything else remotely interesting to say? I don't but I'll try, lol. Let's look at the Pack game....

Donald "minnie" Driver and Glenn pose a big challenge for our CBs, much like the Bills did. I think they'll be up for the challenge but it's imperative that Marion and Madison communicate better so no blown plays transpire. This will be a big match up.

Obviously pressure on Fav-ra is imperative, I don't see why we wouldn't. Our pressure has been good lately. Last but not least, I think Green will be a big problem. He has the speed to break outside and that was a problem vs Buffalo. Rodgers and Greenwood must contain and play better for us to stop Green. Almost forgot about Bubba Franks, I hope our TE defense has improved since Gonzo. This could be a long night for our defense but I think they will step up. For us to have ANY chance, we must limit our turnovers on offense to no more then 1. Favre will kill us if we don't.

Also key is BALL CONTROL, Lucas must play well enough to keep their D honest. If he can do that, then I think we'll be fine and Ricky will have a big night.

That said, I don't think we will win this game beings it is at Lambeau but I'm hoping for an upset. Any thoughts??
I do not think Driver and Glenn are as good as Moulds and Price, but they are good enough w/Favre back there. I am worried about backs out of the backfield and Franks though.

Bottom line: Ray cannot turn the ball over on the road or our D will be toast :fire:
They might not be as good but their numbers are almost as good! This team is scary right now and the NFC is finally stepping up with some con-ten-das. At first, it didn't look like anyone could take on the AFC but the Pack, N.O, T.B, and Phily are lookin tough.

But yes, the bottom line is turnovers. We have the talent to win this game, it's on Lucas though and that is scary! What a lift though if he comes through and we win at Lambeau, that would be huge!! We've had good luck there recently and against the Pack in general. Should be a good game.
We can't have turnovers periods..they mess up the pace of a team and keeps your D on the field too long..Faves arm is the difference maker in most games because he can get the ball to receivers that most QB's can only dream about..Glenn knows us..and he's had good days against us with Drew throwing to him..I hope their still in the learning phase at GB and our CB's can shut them down. But this could be a turning point game for us.
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