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Breaking down the BCS


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Dec 12, 2001
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and how it will hurt Miami. It awards points on the polls, strength of schedule, and wins over top 15 teams. Right now ND only trails Miami by -.33 points dispite Miami being ranked 3 spots lower than ND. The reason for this is ND's strenght of schedule being ranked 3 full points lower than Miami's, and it will increase after this week since Miami plays Rutgers(1-7), while ND goes to BC. Miami does have 2 more tough game that will help them with this but I doubt it will be enough. They play Pitt who is now 6-2, but if Miami wins they fall to 6-3 and then pitt plays Virgina Tech, so at very best they will have 4 losses witch won't help Miami narrow the gap. Miami also plays Virgina Tech witch if they can defeat them will most likely -1 point for the Hurricanes with their strength of schedule and quality wins, but that won't help Miami because Virgina Tech is currently in 3rd place in both polls, so if they lose ND moves up to 3rd so they would also -1 point with a Miami win. The 2 x-factors in this puzzle are Fla St and USC. First off Fla St, if they win out they will most likely squeek in to the top 15; thus, deducting points for both Miami and ND for quality wins, but it will affect ND's strength of schedule alot more because they played them in Tallahasse while Miami played them at home. USC comes in to this because ND needs them to win out untill their game so it will deduct quality points and strenght of schedule enough to combat Miami playing VT. Notre Dame also needs Air Force to win the rest of their games so they can add a high ranked opponet that they beet on the RD.
I forgot 1 more x factor. If Michigan defeats Ohio St the last game of the season they will rocket up the polls squeeking in to the top 15 witch will deduct more points from ND.
I did some math the day the first BCS came out and it's very simple now Dajesus. Like you say, if everyone wins out ND gets in and Miami is out. The Canes may even drop below UGA based on schedule and quality wins since UGA will have the SEC title game.

Of course everyone still has to win to make any of this matter but if it does people will be screaming in South Florida.
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