Brian Flores Experience: T.n.t. Wall, One-line Mantras And More In Miami

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by DKphin, Jun 15, 2019.

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    While Awsi point regarding talent goes with out question Shula last year when we aquired 19 first rounders and missed the playoff underscores Digitals point how important discipline is even with talent. Certainly talent at the QB is most important to take the next step and Dan was arguebly as talented as Tom Brady but we were still missing the great GM imo. So you really need both and in this day of free agency designed to make all teams equal Tom B and Bill B it takes talent stirred by discipline to make a champion.
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    I absolutely agree... Hopefully he is not:

    George Wilson
    Jimmy Johnson
    Dave Wannstedt
    Jim Bates
    Nick Saban
    Cam Cameron
    Tony Sparano
    Todd Bowles
    Joe Philbin
    Dan Campbell
    Adam Gase

    Lets be honest Miami has only had one Head Coach that was consistently good.

    We are at our 13th head coach. 3 of them have won a playoff game... and only 3 of them have won the division.

    4 of them were better than .500 with Miami. one of them was of Todd Bowles who only coached 3 games.

    Only one coached for at least 6 Seasons with Miami.

    To be the second best HC in the teams history he needs to be our head coach through 2025, win the division once, and win 3 playoff games.

    Im optimistic that this focus is what we are missing...... but lets not compare him to our extensive list of failures and call him the guy.
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    That's some sad a$$ comentary there bro.

    Sad indeed.

    Our only decent coach was a guy that couldn't win with the greatest passer in the history of the game.

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