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Jan 28, 2010
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Just checked out the rosters of the Broncos and Jags to see for myself what their strengths and weakness's are. So when the draft comes I can have a realistic view of which prospects might slide past them into the Fins lap.

Many experts have been linking D.Bryant to the Broncs with the 11th pick, expecting B.Marshal to depart. If Marshal does depart, WR will become a major need but the Broncos roster has so many holes that even if Marshal leaves I could see them drafting a number of different positions with the #11 pick. The only positions that they seem to be set at are RB, LT and maybe OLB. Their secondary looks good but is old and needs some youth soon. Denver is in a position where they most likely will draft the best player available.

The Jags roster seems a little more filled out than the Broncs but still has several wholes. With R.Nelson on board the jags have greater needs than FS, leaving E.Berry as a slim possibility. J.Durant played good enough at MLB to cross R.Mcclain off their list. They are in desperate need of pass rushers,a pass rushing DE or OLB seems the most likely choice.

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Mar 5, 2009
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Well thats the needs right now, depending on what each team does in FA can tweak that some. However it is nice to have a idea. Would love to see Berry slip to us but it's not likely.
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