btw, isn't this the morning............. | FinHeaven - Miami Dolphins Forums

btw, isn't this the morning.............

He couldn't even shut down his mouth, what made anyone think he could shut down the boards.

Here is the proper way a complaint would have been dealt with. First the person who was offended, or violated should report the post to a Moderator. Then the Mod would look over everything, and decide what action to take.

If the post was threatening violence, or threats of mass destruction, then the FBI or Police would be called in (I.E. Bomb threats, Anthrax threats ect ect)

There is this little thing called free speech, and there isn't a thing that can be said or done on these boards to get us shut down, unless we, as the owners of the board (AJ and I) are the ones doing the no no's(bomb threats, ect.). Otherwise members just get banned, and dealt with by the proper authorities if any at all.

So Kiss my butt #1 Jets, and enjoy the rest of your life without us. I know we will.

The Whip can't even spell history. Yo Whip, I know your lurking around here someplace, so bwahahahahahahahaha you freckin loser. The Jets making their usual Dec. nosedive, coming to a stadium near you. :monkey: chances making the playoffs now. Remember you heard it here first. Bwahahahahahaha:lol:
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