Bucs/fins Scrimmage Updates

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Mar 11, 2016
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Seems to me there is a lot of mixing and matching going on right now with the OL. They are giving everyone at shot with the ones at each position. Tunsil is not even playing in the scrimmage (or PS1). Dieter is getting a long look at LG but not just a look, he's getting needed reps so he can advance. Center belongs to Kilgore but they want competition and a backup to emerge for when we need it. RG is ongoing. RT seems to belong to Davis even though other guys have been getting looks.

I would not be surprised to see Holden and Mills cut when we go to 53 and replaced with potential upgrades. Prince is probably going to the PS.

If you were to rank them right now, we would probably end up two-deep at LT before you got to your 5th best starter. Just based on what I've read/seen.

1 Tunsil
2 Kilgore
3 Davis
4 Dieter
5 Sterup
6 Reed
7 Jones-Smith
8 Anyone else

That's 3 LT's but you can't keep that many unless they can also play the right side and I'm not sure about Jones-Smith flexibility.

Most of the second teamers have been struggling big time. I think there are two or three players that will end up on the 53 by week 2 that are not even on the team yet. With any luck a guy with some versatility who can displace the future RG as a starter.

Right now we are a bottom 5-6 OL but when injuries strike we will be in serious trouble. Like record setting sacks allowed trouble.

Projected starters still look like Tunsil, Dieter, Kilgore, Reed, Davis. They will probably get them set for the 3rd PS game barring a surprise.
If I am Grier, I am calling the Eagles GM and would try and work a deal for one of their backup Linemen. They are deep and that bastard owes us for the gifts we gave him when Gase was here. He screwed us bad and didn’t even have the decency to a least give us a reach around! ;-)


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Apr 19, 2006
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Not only do I think Eli is a first ballot HoFer, but I truly feel indebted to him and the entire Giants organization for what they did for our Dolphins (17-0!).

Phillip Rivers imo is overrated just like Matt Ryan, stat guys who fold in the big moment, to me the NFL is all about performing in big moments (e.g playoffs).
Agreed on rivers, most overrated qb in football, jmo
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