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Buffalo Bills are 2.5 Favorites Next Week


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Jul 19, 2010
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Man, I don't know about that one. They lost to a crappy Jets team and beat the Raiders and Commanders, they haven't really played anyone decent yet.

Going to be tough on the road but we should have beat them with Skylar freakin' Thompson, this will be a very telling game for Tua and the Dolphins IMO
This is the litmus test game. It's been a very exciting first few weeks, but now is the time to prove they are as good as we think they are. I believe in my heart of hearts this team is locked in and will be ready to play.

Early forecast for Buffalo: partly cloudy, mid 70s.
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Playing with house money at this point thanks to the 3-0 start and home games against Giants and Panthers following the road trip to Buffalo. On paper we should at least come out of these first 6 games at 5-1 if we don't get the win this week but man if we can go to Buffalo and win, to have a 2 game lead over the Bills this early with road games at NE and Buffalo behind us would be absolutely huge. Win this game and we are the clear favorite to win the division.
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