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Bye week blues and bonuses


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Sep 11, 2002
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Well every year there is one week out of the football season that is probably the most boring week of the year. The dreaded BYE WEEK! (duh duh dun) As an eternal optimist though, :lol: , I have decided to lay out osme of the good things about bye weeks and also some bad:


1. We could add to our lead in the standings without even playing. The Bills are one game out and New England is 1&1/2. Patriots play a tough Bronco team while Buffalo plays a Detroit team that oculd be to them what the Chiefs were to us. Buffalo is coming off of a big win against Miami and could be due for a let down. So at the end of this week's play we could have a multiple game lead once again!

2. Injuries have time to heal. Chambers, Ricky, McMicheal, Fiedler, Lucas, Russell, Hendricks, Taylor, Surtain, Madison, Dixon. Pretty much all of our key players are dinged up to some degree. This week comes right in the middle of the season, which is a time when little injuries start to amount to big problems. With the exception of Feidler, al of these guys should be recovered and 100% for a tough Packer game next week.

3. New additions and starters get more practice time. Carter is just coming in, so for him to get an extra week of practice helps a lot. Lucas will gettons more time with the first string offense these next two weeks too. Hopefully they find a rhythm with each other that pays off in Green Bay.

4. I can finally get house work done that I have neglected on Sundays the past two months. Mowing the lawn, vacuuming, cleaning out my truck, feeding my cats and dog. All things that can be properly addressed now that I have some time on this sunday to do it.


1. We could lose part of our lead if the teams from above win.

2. I might have to talk to my girlfriend on sunday :wink: just kidding babe!

Always better to think positive thoughts, right?

But I think you got them in the wrong order. Here's my go at it:

1) Injuries have time to heal. THIS is most important, in my opinion. And the bye week could NOT have come at a better time for us.

2) New additions and starters get more practice. I totally agree with what you said. And this is an EXCELLENT observation you made. I'll only add this: I think it's REALLY important for Lucas to come back in and regain his DIGNITY (because that's what he lost!). And, really, he should if for no other reason than that now he has Chambers and Carter and Ward and McKnight and McMichael and Clark. Damn, peoplez, look how many weapons we have... AND we have Ricky. That's a lot! A lot to get in sync., that is. Again, bye couldn't have come at a better time.

3) YES!!! Someone else that sees Detroit slipping up the Bills. WATCH FOR THIS! Bills will be embarrassed on Sunday, and the "win" (gift) agaisnt us will suddenly have been all for not. As for NE against Denver. I think we win either way on that one, though I'd rather see our AFC East foe lose (of course!).

Good post, Samphin!
as much as i'd like to see detroit beat buffalo, detroit is pretty thin in the secondary and that's where the bills attack every team. who knows, though, they somehow beat the saints. it's so hard to predict anything these days. here's to a bills letdown!
So, the phins make you want to carve a pumpkin? I'm not quite sure that is what most bills fan think of when they think of Miami...I think usually they think of a neck massage from looking up at us in the standings for so dang long over the past few years. :lol:
Big Doug you're a big lug. Detroit wins over Buffalo, are you gonna cry dude? No playoffs for you!! NEXT!!!!!
Here's BSQX4's theme song;

I fight with Dorothy, and Dorothy always wins
I fight with Dorothy, and Dorothy always wins
I been doing it since I was a young kid
I come out grinnin'
I fight with Dorothy, and Dorothy always wins
Wow is bigdoug a retard or what? A proper demonstration of what Bills fans are all about. :grin:
What???? More brainlessness from the self proclaimed big Dougie, clearly a moron for the ages. I'll tell you what, you name the song, make it something we've heard of, and I'll substitute lyrics that put you and your Bills team down. I wonder if I can do better than your Dorothy song? What pressure. By the way how fat are you big Doug? When you go swimming do you leave ring around the lake? When you get on a pay scale does a card come out saying, one at a time? Do you wear a watch on each arm 'cause you cover two time zones? If someone tells you to haul ass does it take two trips? Enlighten us, regale us with your verbal truculence. Or better yet, simply drag your blowhard rhetoric back to Jillyland, where men are men and sheep are nervous. I'd have you a real battle of wits but I'd have to check my brains at the door so we could start even. Oh, by the way, the Bills are without a doubt going to lose to Detroit. Enjoy the game Big (Sasquatch) Dougie.
I can finally get house work done that I have neglected on Sundays the past two months. Mowing the lawn, vacuuming, cleaning out my truck, feeding my cats and dog.

If you haven't fed your pets in two months, I wouldn't bother!:lol:
Nice smack bsx4. But you forgot that BigDug is so big, when he sits around the house, he really sits around the house. Actually, you did fine by yourself.
I agree bye weeks suck for fans, but for a team with injuries it helps alot! Now I have to deal with watching the Lions Vs Buf and Chicago vs Min , Umm Yuck! Just think, we(phins and pack fans) have next week also since it's a MNF game.
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