California Chrome finishes 4th in Belmont, whiffs on Triple Crown, Owner rants!


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Apr 14, 2006
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Seriously, this guy sounds bitter as hell. I'm enjoying watching/listening to off brand horse racing fans try to say that he is right. He absolutely is not. The Triple Crown was not meant to be easy. It takes one hell of a horse to get it accomplished. Even if you are the best horse in all 3 races, part of the challenge remains that you may get rested horses on the journey, especially in the Belmont where you'll likely get a horse who is bred for 1 1/2 miles who decided to skip the Kentucky Derby and Preakness because this race suits them better.

Nobody is forcing the owners of California Chrome to race him in all 3 races, hell, there have been horses that won the Derby only to sit out the Preakness. These guys have been praised and slobbered by Bob Costas and the NBC family since that first Saturday in May and to me, all of that gets thrown out of the window by the way this guy is acting. Seriously dude, shut up, rest up your horse and get him ready for the summer campaign and on into the Breeders Cup.

I've seen much better horses than California Chrome try and fail at it and the owners didn't say anything other than "he didn't have it today". Show some class man.
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