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California Dolfans?


The Human Bullet
Sep 2, 2001
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Well, my band (Out Of Ruin) will be playing in Canoga Park, California, this Sunday night at 8 P.M. We are playing at the Cobalt Cafe and if anyone is in the area, I would LOVE to meet you. Plus your support in this "battle of the bands" would mean a lot.

Also if your a fan of the band, we have a BRAND NEW website. While there are still some chinks left to work out, we like it.

Out Of Ruin

Sign up for our forums, and also drop your e mail in our newsletter box. You can also keep up on all of our newest music, and current shows there.

So if anyone can make the Cobalt show, please let me know. I want to meet you.


P.S. Bliz or 39, you guys can move this Sunday night...thanks.
Bro, I'd really like to be there but I'm heading out to Vegas this weekend to watch a Kings v. Avalanche exhibition game and then going to the mountain bike expo so I won't be back until late Sunday night (don't worry, I'll be watching the 'Fins game at Caesers...I wouldn't miss this one for the world.) Let me know when you guys are playing again and I'll try to make the trip as it would be interesting to meet someone from FH. Also, if you guys are planning any gigs in Orange County, you'd be in my neck of the woods so I'd have a much better chance of making the show. Keep me informed.
Cool Expo. Actualy, if we win this thing, then we will be back for the finals.

It's in the valley WCoast. North valley in L.A.

Can you make it?

Bring the band up north to the bay area and I will come see you.

:monkey: the valley
Adphinistrator87, cool website. I play in a band too, the website is located under my profile I belive. What do you play?

I can't make it down to So. Cal but I hope you have a good show and win the Battle of the Bands. You guys will have a long day especially if you get up early to see the Phins play.

WE SHOULD START A SURF BAND AND NAME THE BAND WITH THE PHINS IN MIND! hAha get some of the players in he video...
Yeah, bring it to San Fran or San Jose or anywhere in the Bay Area (or reasonable driving range) and I'm down for it.
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