Can we get Cedric, Carnell,or Mike at 7 or 8?


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Apr 30, 2003
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i'd love to get caddy at 7 or 8. imo caddy will be the best back out of the top 3 in 5 years and he's more of a linehan-style running back- the only guy out of the three who is a threat to score on every play, not to mention his outstanding vision.

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Apr 29, 2003
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caneaddict said:
If SD trades with SF for the #1 pick and selects Edwards or Williams, that will put added pressure on Minnesota to move up to guarantee geting the other WR. If that happens then neither WR will be there at 7 or 8, but one of the RB's and one of the QB's will be. I would still trade down again from 7 or 8 because I don't want one of the top RB's. I just don't think you need to spend such a high pick on a RB.

Personally, it wouldn't even take both of Minny's 1st's for me to move down. I would be willing to move down to #7 for Minny's 2nd this year and a 2nd next year (ideally we would get more). Then move down again another 4-5 spots and pick up another 2nd. Then take Alex Barron in the 1st and with our 3 2nd round picks (one from Surtain) I would take Matt Jones, Adrian McPherson and the best available RB.
I think it's just the opposite. If SD trades up with SF, and they take Edwards, it will hurt the Dolphins chances.

No one is going to trade up to take Mike Williams at #2. No one. The best situation for the Dolphins is if SF takes a QB and teams will trade up with us for Edwards.

Edwards, with his game-breaking potential, is the guy that teams will want.
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