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Chambers Out!!!!


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Feb 3, 2002
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Just announced by ESPN. Doctor's have not cleared him to play. Kill Kennoy Kennedy.
That bites but I would rather see him sit this week than something happen to keep him out for longer.
[intro]ESPN reports Miami Dolphins WR Chris Chambers (concussion) has not been cleared by doctors and will be out for this weekend.[/intro]

Simply for the news page :D
Yeah, I'd rather have him sit out too. But was still hoping that his head was clear.
It's alright Ward and Mcknight with McMicheal,Clark combo is just as threating
I wonder how much time Baker will see as 3rd receiver? He and Lucas hooked up great in pre-season. Wouldn`t it be something to beat the bills with our 2nd string?
I must admit that I am very releived that Chambers is sitting this one out. Head injuries are so difficult to assess with any degree of accuracy. Another two weeks gives any swelling or other lingering effects to diminish. Its always disappointing to lose a player like Chambers, but I think this is the best thing, both for his long term career, and more importantly his own health and future welfare.

Enjoy the game today guys,

Go Phins!!

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