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Chan Gailey Poll

Chan Gaileys' departure

  • Chan leaving will help the offense

    Votes: 12 66.7%
  • Chan's departure will hurt this team

    Votes: 5 27.8%
  • Only Chan is leaving? I wish the whole staff would go

    Votes: 1 5.6%

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It helps the offense a lot.:) Will he be in the booth this weekend, since Georgia Tech has a game tomorrow and I doubt he will be coaching there.
Gailey is supposed to remain with the team for the remainder of the year. This is will hurt the Fins if we install a completely new offense and start from scratch next year, particularly since we are going to have to keep Jay since the only QBs available are Jim Miller and Gus Ferrotte.:eek:
Yes, we will have a new offense. that is going to suck, unless Mike Shula has a really good grasp of what Chan is doing, and can just add some of his style to it.

I don't know, most coaches like to bring in their own system...this might really set things back. Of course, we are already set back or stale mated with the injuries, and stuff.
We may as well have had Stevens back as O coordinator ( I am hated him almost as much as the Jets) since Gailey's O without a running game does not work. All we do is try to end up the half at a 0-0 tie and if it is 20-3 the game is over.

Though Gailey has not fumbled yet this year.

The big thing that stands out is the we gotta sign Jay like it or not unless you want Lucas or Cade starting next year. If we lose Jay to someone who wants to waste/spend 5 mil or so a year on him, then I guess a new O and a new QB will bog down our O next year unless again we can run.
It's a huge guessing game, what do we do if Gailey leaves after this weekend? Who is going to call the plays? Do we promote Shula right away to just man the play calling, and then leave it up to someone else to coach the QB's? OR do we leave Shula on the sideline as both QB coach and O coach? Martz did it or does it from the sidelines...and Gruden calls his plays from there...same with Shannahannnahhannanahahan

At this point, it will just be interesting to see.
Is it the play calling or the execution of the plays that are so bad? I like what Mckay said in a Buc press conference after another dismal game. When asked about his teams execution he said he was in favor of it. We aren't as bad as they were but we are getting there. And I would think taking the Ga tech job would be a step down for Chan. Unless he just wants too bail out now.
Let Gailey go...I'm telling you guys I watched all the Buc games under Mike Shula and he really ran alot of innovative stuff, especially on 3rd and short and 4th and short.

We like Mike. Mike is good.
Mike is good, but he doesn't go deep enough. Chambers will be a good deep threat next season, and we will need to use him that way. It took Mike a long time just to get Keyshawn a TD (although he got him the ball a lot).
Some body refresh my memory please, wasn't Shula fired in Tampa because their offense sucked, or at least wasn't good enough to get them to the Super Bowl?:confused:
Gailey ain't going anywhere

to after we get blown out in the 2nd round of the playoffs. :eek: :rolleyes: :cry:

Then we can think about whether or not Shula has earned the right to run this O. He may be a better coahc now that he got 2 years under Gailey to learn a different scheme since TB's scheme sucked.
Basically, I think Gailey is a moron. :) I remember him when he was with the Steelers back in 94.
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