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May 1, 2002
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I read the messages on this site a lot and I have really noticed the struggle out there with information control going on. All the sports writers are struggling as well. It is both boring and entertaining, but loaded with speculation.

Here is some speculation. Ronnie Brown will not be the 2nd pick. A trade down partner will likely be available as this always happens in some form (Dolphins will make the decision on if it is worthy compensation). The new staff member in the front office who coached with the Panthers (O'Brien?) last year will have a huge role in player selection. He will provide a steady approach to the panic that was last year's draft (not to mention Saban's presence).

There may be some real surprises this year, although Fletcher (1st round pick extrodinare), Greenwood (traded 2nd round pick for this 3rd rounder), and Carey (1st and 4th rd. picks) were recent surprises that have left a bad taste in Dolphin kingdom. But I actually get more excited about the later round picks.

I have been through so many drafts with Miami (a fan for over 30 years), and one thing doesn't change. The pure fun and obsession that comes with the NFL draft. It is a great source of pain, frustration, and pure fun and obsession to those who like it and a complete waste of time for those who do not. May we experience less of the frustration and more of the fun this year.

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