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Check out this article by Clark Judge on the Dolphins and Jay Feidler

Go down to the links at the bottom and there is nother Judge article about the Burnett signing.
Great Story!

Glad to see some good press on Fiedler. I agree with Clark, he is the most "underappreciated QB" in the NFL.
Go Clark !

The New England Patriots aren't the team to beat in the AFC East this year. Miami is, and it's not only because they brought in Ricky Williams. It's because they kept Jay Fiedler.
and the perfect description of Jay from Norv

"What I look at it is that he won 22 games (including playoffs) in two years," said offensive coordinator Norv Turner, "and there aren't a lot of guys who can say that about their entire careers. Obviously, he's been with good teams, but Jay has a lot going for him: He's a great competitor; he's good under pressure, especially in the fourth quarters of games; he's very calm and seldom gets rattled; he has a quick release; he's athletic; he's smart, and he's very, very accurate. People will say he's not great at any one thing. Well, maybe that's true, but he's good at almost everything."
I like this guy...I states what so many other fans in the division do NOT see:D
Once again another respected columnist sings Jay's praises and so far this thread has been full of supporters. I can't wait for the band of Jay-haters (Ice, Dejesus, etc) to jump on board and start bashing him all over again.

Face it Jay-haters, the guy's good and will be very good this year; accept it.

Great Article!!
Originally posted by Expo88
the band of Jay-haters (Ice, Dejesus, etc)

I'm assuming you're speaking of Iceblizzard. At least I hope you are.

I personally am not a "Jay hater". My take is that Jay scares the hell out of me. People say how good of a comeback artist he is such as the time in Oakland when he pulled us out of the hole. I remember him putting us in the hole to begin with.

But on the other had I deeply admire his tenacity and unrelenting desire to not quit...ever. Until the last second is gone, he's still playing.

So I guess I'm a "lets see how he does this game" type of person. Out of 10 I'd rate him as a high 7 to a mid 8. But again, I"m not a professional ratings person.
Its nice to see an objective article on Fiedler for once. I'm glad to see the guy has his facts down, and supports his opinion really well. I'm just curious as to what the Jay-bashers are going to say about it.
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