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Chiefs sign WR Johnny Morton

I guess if they would have drafted a WR #1, it would have been the same, if not more. Morton is the do-it-all WR their offense is missing.

Seriously, if Sylvester Morris comes back strong this year.....the KC offense could really be explosive. It could be like the Rams on grass. Really impressive looking group.

QB - Trent Green....very solid QB

RB - Priest Holmes.....Faulk-like
FB - Tony Richardson....Versitile, powerful runner, superior pass-catcher

WR - Johnnie, tough, solid hands. #1 WR
WR - Sylvester Morris....big, strong, #2
WR - Eddie Kennison....had a rebirth in KC. Played very well.
WR - Snoop Minnis....gamebreaker in college. Showed flashes as a rookie.

TE - Tony Gonzalez....the best TE ever??

Pretty solid OL to boot.

We'll see just how good they are this fall.
I had to change my mock draft because of this. In my update tomorrow (which I am not done with), Lelie dropped from 8 to 21, but I think he will come up a little bit.
That Morton deal might kill any chance of Miami signing Carter or McCardell.
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