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Chris Brooks

Wilson or Ahmed can go and it wouldn't effect this offense in the slightest. I honestly think we've seen the end of Wilson as a Dolphin.

I don't think we could find a team to give us anything for either of them, so Wilson will probably be cut or Ahmed gets moved to the practice squad.
Legit have 5 great backs

'Great' is a hell of a reach. Achane has potential to be great. Mostert plays great at times but misses too much time to be considered great. Wilson isn't great by any stretch of the imagination and Ahmed isn't anywhere close to great. Way too early to tell on Brooks, but it would be awesome if he turned into something.
Ahmed has been injured every year here I would let him go first.
i love chris brooks!

glad he got in there for some snaps.

as i said in the gameday thread (i think that's where it was).

Achane and Brooks may be our future at RB.
If you’re McD seriously what do you do with Wilson and Ahmed when they come back healthy?

How do you take the #2 spot away from Achane?

The #3 from Brooks?
Coaches are much better at not being a prisoner of the moment than fans. They'll play so had shown the most ability consistently. Maybe that means Achane passes the others and maybe not.
I think its a real possibility that this will be Wilson's last season in Miami. Chris Brooks looks to be a younger faster version of Wilson. Brooks addition to the offense brings the power back, Miami has sorely needed, to the running game. Hopefully he starts to see some more playing time has the season goes on.
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