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    Me: I was a former SVP of Operations (GM) for my old company for 12 years (1994 - 2006) they looked up to me like a "DON a true Godfather". I am Italian. If they slipped I would kill them. That is no joke.

    That is what the Head Coach needs a demanding, commanding, respect and loyalty learn from me as I teach my skills. Everybody on my TEAM wanted to be me. That is how a Head Coach who is in charge of the TEAM needs to be. Accountability was priority with me. So, if you ****ed up you are done. Capisci. I ran IMPAC Funding Corporation in Newport Beach like that and that is how I would run the MIAMI DOLPHINS. My QB will feed off me. My offense would feed off me. My defense will get me back that damn ball. I demand it and that's what I expect. All disciples on the TEAM will follow.

    THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT we need. I played football and coached HOCKEY and FOOTBALL long time ago.

    Put me on the LIST for HEAD COACH I want interview.


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