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Feb 9, 2008
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All these its the coaches. Lets be real here. Do we have a elite coaching staff most likely not but they have a plan and I believe in what they trying to accomplish at moment. Now!!!!!!!!!!

The players are the issue for me. Tannehill has had a decent season but he still needs to grow BUT its win or go home. Wallace and Tannehill have no chemistry its sick. Deep ball miss just like the rest of the season. Defense stinking it up...optimistic defense with turnovers this season but horrible lately especially linebackers.

Oline sucks period!
Rbs no true talent at all!
WRs are decent with hartline nada without him as u see this last game.

Players need make plays and non have lately and this isnt on staff this is on who else IRELAND period.... he brought Wallace and lbs this year and has done a horrible job and has had his chance... its over he needs to go.... we dont need to scrap team but we need someone who can bring in true playmakin ability and heart!!!!!
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