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Dec 12, 2001
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With alot of the hyped QBs losing some games I wonder how it will affect their draft status. Then there is Dorsey who is still winning, but I think he slides another round every time he steps on the feild. I don't understand why he can't throw a spiral. You also have to look at how much better his team is on offense, but he still throws to many ints. His wrs will not get as open in the NFL as they do down in Miami. I would love to see Grossman in a traditional offense or with a o-line. I thought he would be better off to stay in school, but now i realize Florida will only hurt his chances of making it in the NFL. I really like what I have seen of Ragone thus far. If I had the #1 pick i would select him. Leftwitch is just to far behind playing for Marshall. Then you have 2 guys that are just playing lights out, but have limited potential at the next level. Lorrenzen at Kentucky is just sliceing up defenses with inferrior talent around him, but he weighs almost 300 lbs. I wonder if any NFL team will take him seriously since he weighs more than most DTs. Then you have Wallace form Iwoa St. Best player in college football, but he is only 6' 180 lbs with questionable arm strength. I am just curious if this hyped QB draft will pan out.
I also like Casey Clausen. Seneca Wallace has his toughest test yet tomorrow. I don't think he is going to put up that good of numbers tomorrow.
I like Clause as well, but he is yet to win a big game. He won't leave school untill he wins against a Florida school.
Wallace got his a$$ handed to him yesterday. But I still think he is going to win the Heisman.
How about David Greene? This kid tore up last year as a freshman, struggled early this year but has come on very strong as of late. Georgia is going to be equally strong next year if not better.
I like Georgia and Green as well. I think that there are so many QB's that are so hyped up they are destined for failure. Chris Simms, and Carson Palmer come to mind.

I think that Fife at Oregon is also very good.
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