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Jan 8, 2002
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Kinda late with this but I just wanted to say commiserations for Sunday. Looked like the Ravens brought their A-game and without Chambers (and as McKnight left his catching gloves at home when it really mattered) it was always going to be uphill.

So - OL or Running Back in this draft? ;) I'm guessing OL since RB looks like the only thin part of this draft.

Have a good off-season, all!
thanks Slaine and good luck beating the Ravens - please. :D

OL w/b the most logical choice unless a great RB was there.
Some of the Mocks have you taking TJ Duckett - now that would be a steal!!!

On OL who do you see as a priority? (I'm not too up on who's good and who's not on your OL)
I would take a T with the first pick unless there was a dominating G, i.e. the #1 or #2 best G in the draft. We could use help anywhere along the OL - the only guy that I think s/b safe is Todd Wade at RT.
Yeah I agree, the only solid o-lineman was WADE! Ruddy just gets pushed around too much and doesn't have the athletic ability to get to the LB's. With Dixon out too and probably gonna retire since his wife is talking him into it! He was a solid guard for the PHINS! The rest, are pretty much mediocre! Then you have to factor in Brent Smith, but coming off ACL repair, getting back to your old form is tough! Believe me I know, I just had my ACL repaired a little over a month ago and it SUCKS!!
Originally posted by Phinmaster1354
Believe me I know, I just had my ACL repaired a little over a month ago and it SUCKS!!
Ouch! i do not envy you - good luck in your rehab - we expect you ready by training camp, if not mini-camp ;)
The best guard in the draft (Fonoti) should be available with the 23rd pick. He is the guy I want, although I HATE Nebraska.
He'd certainly help upgrade the running game - the only problem is whether he'd be able to make an immediate impact or not. After all if he can't pass protect then he's not going to make much of an impact.

A more polished prospect is Terrence Metcalf a senior out of Mississippi.

From TSN

Strengths: Is a massive, strong mauler in the running game. Is physical at the point of attack, and dominates most one-on-one matchups in college. Really improved as a senior protecting quarterback Eli Manning's blindside on passing downs. Did not allow a sack as a senior, and shows good hand punch and wingspan outside. Shows good leg drive as a run blocker. Explodes off of the snap, and has some pop at the point of attack. Will move the pile. Does a good job of staying low and getting into the body of defenders.

Weaknesses: Doesn't have the quickness or footwork of an outside player. Tends to look sluggish. Needs to work on taking better angles to defenders. Lacks quickness to handle fast NFL defensive ends; is a much better fit inside. Has trouble adjusting to defenders' multiple moves in pass protection. Will lunge at times, and has a tendency to dip his head. Plays too high, too often.

Bottom line: Metcalf, needed at tackle at Ole Miss, is best suited to play inside in the NFL. He is a better run blocker than pass blocker. He rarely has been beaten for sacks at Ole Miss -- just one since '99 -- but lacks the footwork and consistent leverage to play outside. He should, however, develop into an inside force in the running and passing game.

Dan Pompei analysis
Has a rare combination of bulk and athleticism. Shows good balance. Can mash defenders, but doesn’t always finish blocks. Had a bad ankle injury a couple of years ago that could be a factor in his longevity.
If draft history is an indication, we should watch Terrence Metcalf - though it was JJ that seem to only draft guys from the South and especially Mississisippi - Avery, Surtain, Wade, JJJ
Metcalf could be special. He'll never make it as a tackle in the NFL but he could be fantastic at guard.
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