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Thanks, bro!

Not many at BBI know this, but I am a long time phin fan, but living so close to Buffalo for so long I came to have a new-found respect for the Bills. The only reason I got envolved so heavily with the BBI was to argue in favor of Flutie over RJoke.

Let's go Phins!

I was even at the phins-barfalo game in Nov.! What a great game! I was torn as to who to cheer for. I just wanted to see a great game... and we did!!
Well Well Well

Ok so now we have to remove everyones privilege of being able to pick your own title.

Or gosh I could just ban Rude for life, hmmmmm...

To all concerned Dolphin fans, Rude is not a Mod...he is simply a joke

Great signature! I love that movie. Andre the Giant is at his prime in it! And that little kid.. fred savage, what great little actor!
What? The movie? Yes. Somewhat. They dis Sicillians in it. How the H do you spell sicillian? lol.
Jeez, I leave to go to work for one day and come back seeing that a Bills fan is already starting somethin up... lol

I changed your title, and I think I made it where you cant use Super Moderator and more as a title
ok, you guys are kinda funny...kinda.

I pm'd you back there Rude.
ok. That's fair. I'll have to earn SM status, eh? That's cool. ;)
If Rude could actually spell Moderator, it might be more believable. But we all know he isn't one.
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