Could Dolphins' Bobby Mccain And Minkah Fitzpatrick Be Trading Places?


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Jul 27, 2011
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I have no idea what your post even meant but you proved my point. You are still vehemently supporting Ryan Tannehill. Dude could retire today and you wpuld still say he would have made the hall of fame with a good oline. Some of you people are a lost cause. Yeah I will be here when he fails and I will say "I told you so."
My post represented a "vehement" support to you? Someone is a bit sensitive. Search my post history if you like to see how much vehement support I've given since he left the team. I supported him vehemently when he was my teams QB.


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Mar 14, 2016
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True but did you watch the weather? And track the wind patterns? And project future prognostications while taking consideration weather patterns of the past? That is because like with all things in life, it depends on how much time and dedication you put it into something.

Its like voting. Some people educate themselves on the topic and do research and vote by being as informed as possible. Some people just go and vote blindly... And some dont even vote. But just because you vote blindly doesnt mean everyone's opinion is as worthless as yours. Understand what I am saying? In this case you are the blind voter... You are a Dolphins fan and you have a right to your opinion but no one should let it hold any weight because you are so utterly clueless in what you are opining.

Meanwhile someone who has watched the games, followed the practices, followed every move during the offseason, studied college prospects, watched game film over and over, will have a more educated opinion on this subject than those merely watching the weather so to speak. Which is my point, some of you guys are just watching the weather, and some of us outside in our back yard trying gauge the barometric pressure. We might not be a meteorologist but we surely know more than those at home watching the wearher channel in the morning.

Dont confuse what I said. I didnt say every fan on this site is an expert. I said SOME of us on this site, and some fans not on this site, are experts on this topic.

If there was any validity to your analogy there would be no difference between a poster like see CK and a poster like Largo.
It needs no documentation to say a number of NFL scout/coaches and some evaluators know as much or more than the 'expert posters here, if only because they have more info. And it is often they're wrong. I will grant you the experts here "have a more educated opinion," but that in no way means the rest of posters should default to those FH 'experts.' And, for the record, those claiming to be 'better educated' can come across as "condemning" those who are seen as less educated. FWIW, I agree with you frequently, but the defense of 'more educated' ignores decades of wrong guesses. And, for the record, I have great respect for the opinions of those who do the research.

But, to topic, I hope Minkah plays FS, but I'll defer to Flores. It's his job on the line and he sees those two in practice every play. Still, Minkah needs to be on the field EVERY down.


Mar 8, 2006
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What the hell happened to this thread? All ya'll walking around with your e-penises in one hand, measuring stick in the other, wagging your meat at each other.

Put them away. No one's impressed but your mother.
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