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Cousins Visiting!!


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Nov 18, 2001
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Just a little free agent tidbit about Terry Cousin! He was in Pittsburgh for the weekend visiting the Steelers! The Steelers really like him and consider him a major upgrade over Deshea Townsend their nickel back! I am getting the feeling we will see more of FLETCH next year!!!
I liked Cousins, I would like to see him back.

Fletch did not do anything impressive last year. I know he was a rookie but he still did not impress me.
Is his last name Cousins or Cousin? I thought it was Cousin, but lately I have only heard people refer to him as Cousins...
It's Cousin, no "s." I saw a piece on him and they clarified that, and they also said he hates it when they he's called Cousins.

I think they will be calling him ex-dolphin soon.
IMO he did a servicable job as nickel back last year, but, I think the FO feels that they need to make room for Jamar Fletcher to play this year.
They need to make that 1st round pick work and not become a bust.
Cousin is as good as gone.
Wanny will do everything he can to let Fletcher "win" the job as nickel back.
No it's not really cause of Fletcher it's more the fact that he will be getting a deal worth at least 1.2 million. Cousin might have earned himself a #2 corner spot with his play last season. Although I found Cousin to always be on his reciever he had a hard time actually playing the pass. Didn't have that killer instinct to get his hands in there and knock passes away. Maybe it was a fear of missing the tackle altogether.
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