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Cris Carter a changed man?


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Mar 17, 2002
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Over the weekend we spoke to several NFL personnel guys who asked the same question we were thinking when we heard that Chris "A Legend In His Own Mind" Carter is going to sign with the Dolphins: "What in the hell are they doing down in Miami?" As one Pro Personnel guy said to us: "everything will be fuzzy and warm for awhile . . . I give Carter about three games - especially if the Dolphins are making a playoff run - before he starts whining and bitching about not getting the ball enough." An AFC scout told us "that forget all the other quotes that come out of that locker room . . . the Human Quote Machine (meaning Carter) will make sure that he floods the media with the same crap he used to say in Minnesota." Our take on the matter: Carter is one of the biggest phonies in the league . . . and we liked Len Dawson on HBO better, anyway.

I must say that i agree, and expect CC to be flooding the media in about a month or 2.....
Well he almost has to be a better receiver than he is an analyst.
Can you guys sign Deion, too? And Bob Costas too. I hate both of them as analysts.
Yes, you can use Deion as a Kick Returner/Emergency 5th receiver. I hear Terry Bradshaw's available to play QB, maybe even Troy Aikman. Not Marino, though, that guy's just washed up!
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