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Cris Carter has cancelled his trip to ST. Louis!!


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Sep 3, 2001
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from kffl, Cris Carter has cancelled his visit to St. Loius..........that would mean he would either sign with us, OR Cleveland. GOD it would be great if we could get R. Wlliams, Kreutz, C.Carter, and Vistor Green!!!!!!
REALLY???? WOO-HOO!! :jumper: C'mon down Cris Carter, you could be the next Miami Dolphin!! :D
Yes cause Cleveland is offering him a nice contract and the #2 job. Where as we and the Rams would be offering the #3 jobs and only 1.5 million a year.
Although we could be offering the no. 2

... he didn't cancel after our visit, he cancelled after the Browns. Mind you, that ends his credibility, because he wanted to sign with a contender!!:lol:
We never offered him any certain job. I have seen Carter live, and he IS better than OG!!
With no.2 career stats to Jerry Rice...

... I suspect he may be better than anyone we've ever had (not disrespecting the Mark's bros.:stooges:
chris is goin to sign with Cleveland Browns becasue they sign his buddy Robert Griffith.
Why would he sign with Cleveland. Doesnt he know he is running out of time to get that ring. Does he really think that Clev. has a shot? C'mon think of what he could do to C. Chambers with that guys ability. Man that would be awesome. But with all these FA we are persuing i have to ask WHERE IS THE MONEY.
KFFL did an update...

...saying that he can'd his trip to RAMS because he was happy with the Cleveland deal, but needed more time to complete his Cleveland visit. It seemed they weren't going to give him entirely what he wanted so he asked RAMS if he could rearrange his trip and they said no.

Carter could end up with no gig, or no leverage to improve on any deal Miami could offer to save his ass. Telling everyone he wanted to be in Miami won't have helped him on his travels.:lol:
Chris Carter? Bad Idea

When the news first broke after the season that Carter would be interested in Miami I believe most of us on the MB's concluded that his influence would be a poor one for the 'Fins. He has a great work ethic but has a terrible attitude and believes that he's still the man...he's not. The 'Fins don't need him or his attitude with the receiving corps they have.

If they really want to bring in a quality veteran who should come at a resonable price, Quadray (spelling?) Ismael would do well as the #3 wideout.

The 'Fins reeeeaallly don't need the likes of Carter disrupting the locker room.

I totaly disagree with, Cris Carter has a great attitude, just some mishaps with personnel in MN. He has accomplished all he needs to aacomplish as a player, but like MARINO he wants that Super Bowl ring. He has an awesome work ethic, but put yourself in Cris Carter's shoes.....babysitting Randy Moss for 4 years isn't exactly fun, and isn't going to make you a HAPPY HAPPY person everyday. Dan Marino had a "I am the man" attitude for a long time, and often portrayed himself as being right all the time, even when he wasn't. I LOVE MARINO so I am not critizing him at all. I also know that Cris Carter has the best hands in the league, and most the most amazing catches in the league next to OG. Cris Carter would be a great addition to our FB team. Think about it in RED ZONE situations with R.Williams in the backfield, Chambers out to the left, Carter and OG to the right.....who the hell is going to stop us?!?!?!? Argue all you want, but he still has the talent and the desire for a SuperBowl ring. I like that in a player. He's not even looking for a crap load of money most people look for. Quadry Ismail sucks, he's fast, but can't catch S**t!! If we were to go after another player in FA for some reason besides Cris Carter, I would go for K.Mccardell. He has adequate speed and great catching ability.

when we would be in the redzone, teams would have to pick their poison: Are you going to double team Chris Chambers, Orande Gadsen or Cris Carter?
There's no way you can compare Marino and Carter. When Marino had a problem with someone he took it straight to them and it was usually on the field. Carter on the other hand will deride his teamates all over the place for whatever he perceives as wrong. It doesn't matter if he was on the field with them or even if they're a defensive player, he still gets up in their face and acts like an idiot. It might be OK if he stopped there but he doesn't, he takes his dirty laundry and airs it to the media so everyone can hear him bust his teamates ba**s.

Marino never took that kind of stuff to the media, he kept it on the field where it belonged. There is no comparison between Marino and Carter when it comes to attitude- Marino stands head and shoulders above Carter.
Probably need a segregated locker room then...

...RW and Carter in an area for dysfunctional producers, and another area for guys who love their mom but don't produce on the field.:lol:

Wanny or Spiel said if the Kreutz and RW deals go down then they aren't going to be in the market for anymore high priced FAs. So to paraphrase that great modern day philosopher, Joey Tribiani, "it's moo, like a cows opinion. Irrelevant" :lol:
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