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Cris Carter to visit MIAMI tomorrow


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Sep 3, 2001
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According to CNNSI Cris Carter is coming to MIAMI for a visit, then on to Cleveland.. Does Cleveland want everyone we want too!?!? Is Kruetz visiting Cleveland too!
I thought the same thing. I like C.Carter, but I would rather spend $$ on Kreutz and Ricky Williams!!
Originally posted by Fiedler for MVP
I saw on sportscenter that carter was close to signing with st louis...i think he's probably using these visits as leverage

Another stupid chick question: Why in the hell would St. Louis be interested in ANOTHER WR???
Because they have lost azhir hakim, and that system requires 3 good wrs.
Okay, thanks! :) I was like :confused: :lol: I'm trying very hard to keep up with you guys on this stuff. My ex-husband was (is) a football genius, but I never paid attention to this FA/UFA/trade/salary cap/draft crap before, so this is all new to me. :) Thanks to everyone for all the insight! :D
Carter's not exactly coming to Miami, he lives there, but he's coming to meat with the team. The location helps our case. Nobody has yet to offer Carter a contract, but New Orleans is expected to tomorrow.
We could offer

the intangibles of a short commute from home and a starting position (1 or 2) with Chambers. He's having to settle for 3rd with STL. The deal is not all that valuable either, which is why he's still selling.

(I agree that the other deals should take priority - WR wasn't on the scope at the start of FA).:lol:
Originally posted by Dajesus
Because they have lost azhir hakim, and that system requires 3 good wrs.
and AAFAIK Ricky Proehl is both a UFA and probable retiree
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