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Cross Off G Richard Williams From The Draft...


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Jan 27, 2002
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The massive Guard out of little GARDENER-WEBB....has told his agent to pull his name out of the draft. Williams just decided that he does not have the passion to play football.....and just wants to get a job as a team strength coach.

The Dolphins just had this kid in last week--and Tony Wise really reccommended him...if they could get him where they wanted...which was in the 4th round.

At least we should give WILLIAMS credit....for being honest with his feelings about playing Pro football...and for pulling the plug...before somebody (like the Dolphins) would invest a draft choice...only for him to quit at the start of mini-camp.

Now...nothing has really changed. He is only one guy...and the Dolphins game plan is still to pick whichever position player ranks the highest on their draft boards....whether it be OL or TE.

So go ahead and cross out RICH WILLIAMS....just like his agent did....who probably is at a lost for words right now.

There are links everywhere about case somebody wants to read more about this.
I think that took major guts from Williams, there are probobly more players out there that don't have the courage to quit like he did.

Big loss of money tho, power lifting isn't exactly a millionaire's sport.
Langston Walker is very sloppy, I hope we don't look at him at all. He is big, but has no work ethic and has LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of trouble with speed rushers. He should be able to dominate, but gets lazy and can't finish games strongly because he lacks the motivation to be in top shape. His performance really falls off and he uses no technique when tired.

Hopefully a division rival will take him, because he will be a wasted pick!
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seems like the rule for DIRTYCASHHOLDIN (in some instances) is to blindly listen to his wise insight and not press him for his sources. :) , but on the other hand, he may answer you ;)
DCH validated as expected

NFL | Williams Quitting - posted at KFFL (
15:38 PT:’s Len Pasquarelli reports Gardener-Webb prospect Richard Williams is quitting football. Williams said he doesn’t want to play football and his plans are to earn his degree and become a high school strength coach.
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