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Crystal ball questions.


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NBC, CBS and FOX all have agreed to terms, the only one that hasn't yet agreed is Disney. Its my understanding the NFL has asked for double of what Disney paid in the last contract. So far Disney has balked at the price tag. But there's optimism they'll settle for something just a bit less then what the NFL wants. Apparently Disney is asking for extra things that weren't in the prior agreement, so a deal is very possible to happen.

If and when its all finalized the salary cap for future years should see significant increases. But until then teams will struggle.

There was a recent article in the last week outlining what I've paraphrased in my post. I just can't find it.

But until the new deal is done, its looking like a reduction for 2021 and then increases moving forward.


Apr 17, 2018
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The recent talks of the upcoming POSSIBLE new money TV (Big Money ) contract in the next negations , leaves me to wonder and ask these questions.

Will The NFL be able negotiate much more lucrative deal coming off a year of down viewership?
With the Super Bowl viewership down by reported close to 18% will that hurt the NFL position?
With a reduced cap this year and next will teams purge high dollar vets and load up on minimal salary’s?
Should we expect teams will hold onto draft picks instead of selling out for a top talent, so to keep more players on rookie deals?

For the league and players I do hope for a lucrative deal with the TV Networks, but they are cutthroat businesses and have to make money. So with reduced viewership I just cannot see the big tv money coming in or it will be a shorter deal.
Remember It’s a business also.
I Couldn’t be happier with Miami’s current cap space and nothing of a dead money issue . Thank you Chris Grier.
For those suggesting spend on all high priced free agents , I think a little frugality is in order.

Given that arrangement, Disney executives are not at all enthralled with the idea of paying the league $3.8 billion per year. A sentiment that was recently expressed by Disney CEO Bob Chapek.

“We’re looking at the long-term trends of sports viewership,” Chapek said. “We’ve had a long relationship with the NFL. If there’s a deal that will be accretive to shareholder value, we will certainly entertain that and look at that. But our first filter will be to say whether it makes sense for shareholder value going forward.”

Disney has already rejected the NFL’s proposal, according to CNBC.

“NBC, CBS, and Fox are likely to accept increases closer to 100% than Disney, which is currently paying much more than the three broadcast networks for its Monday Night Football package, said the people, who asked not to be named because the negotiations are private,” CNBC reported.

While NFL games are consistently the most-watched television events, the last few years have seen a precipitous drop in ratings. The league saw a seven and ten percent ratings drop in 2016 and 2017,

The ratings for the Super Bowl were an unmitigated disaster for the league.

The Brady vs. Mahomes matchup fetched the lowest ratings since 1969.
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Def going to have big names hit the market due to cap casualties. High talented player will be available, but given the lack of cap space a lot of these guys are gonna probably take “prove it” deals for a year and hope they can land big contracts next year.

Problem is these guys are going to want to go to contenders which hurts our chances. At the same time those contenders eventually are gonna run out of money too, so that’s where we can come in.

From the middle of the pack teams, I think we have a great chance to sign some really impactful talent.

Definitely going to be a buyers market.
There will be a ton of restructured contracts


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Aug 24, 2014
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My crystal balls says Watson pouts the entire Summer then sits a year...After that returns to Houston lighter in the bank account to live out his contract with them in quiet obscurity


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Ok we have had a positive and negative reply so lets move to another topic please as there is already a Watson thread here in the main and lord knows we don't need another one :rbt:

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